Thursday, July 22, 2010

And That's the News from Decherd, Tennessee

Not too long ago, a girl who was a little over 15 years old went to visit some relatives in a small town called Decherd. She had actually been looking forward to meeting these relatives (as she hadn't ever seen them before) and she had heard a lot about them.
The girl and her family met with one of the relatives (Her third cousin) and he took them around the town and some surrounding areas. One of their stops was at a cemetary.
The girl had know about this stop beforehand, of course. Her father had been talking about stopping to put flowers on the graves of his recently deceased cousin and his aunt for whom he was named. The girl had heard many wonderful things about these two women, and always wished she could've met them. Unfortunately, both of them passed before she had the opportunity.
when the girl and her family arrrived at the graves, they placed the flowers. Her father and her cousin began reminiscing. As they talked, the girl became sad. She had been at her great aunt's house only minutes earlier, where she had seen the dining room and envisioned her father and all of his family gathered around the table, eating chicken, biscuits, and 13 different vegetables...the story she had been told several times.
Now the girl turned from the graves and her family, wishing even more now that she, too, could've joined in one of those meals with the women everyone spoke so fondly of.
Then she saw it:  a butterfly flew by her. Stopping for no more than a second in front of her before flying on deeper into the cemetary. It was closely followed by another butterfly, that did the very same thing.
The girl smiled to herself. She knew now that the butterflies were God's way of telling her that her second cousin and great aunt were saying hello. She'd meet them someday, she thought. And she would be there for the chicken, biscuits, and 13 vegetables.
And that's the news from Decherd, Tennessee.

In loving memory of my cousin Margo and My great aunt Dova Lee, two wonderful women I'm waiting to meet.
Megs <3


Katelyn said...

Awwwwwww Megan! This was absolutely beautiful!

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that you had a blog on your facebook! I have one too!

I hope you guys have had a great and safe trip!

Megs said...

That's amazing! I have to go check out your blog now! :D :D

Jasmine said...

Aww, that was beautiful :)
I miss you. Seriously, come back. Lol
Love, Miss Jasmine<3

Megs said...

Thank you dear!
I'll be home in a few days! Make no plans for Wednesday, okay? :)