Friday, May 28, 2010

Zumba, ACMGC and More!!

Okay, so I have  few things to share with those of you that decide to read this.
1. Zumba - that new exercise/dance program thing - is mucho fun!! Mom and I went to a class at church yesterday. Good times :D
2. ACM Gospel Choir. Love them. I've loved them for a couple years, but I decided to look them up on youtube randomly today. This is one of my favorites: Higher and Higher P.S. The director is amazing. :D ♫
3. I love the sun. Love love love. Even though it's been almost 90 degrees most of the week, I love it.
4. has me hooked on Gluey. Lol. (Click HERE to play it. :) )
5. Little Bro having a cell phone now = Crazy
6. Have I mentioned I have amazing, dance-on-the-stage-in-the-park-and-sing-random-songs friends? I love them ♥
7. My friend Nick made my day on Wednesday. He wrote "I love my friend Megan because she is cool and she is the best!" in German on his history folder. Lol. :D
8. I love being outside!!
I think I'll go back out there now.
Adios, amigos!
Megs ♥

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