Monday, November 1, 2010

Scrambled Megs is Taking Over the World!!

So, I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween :)
This post, as you've probably deduced, is not about Halloween.
This post is about the world.
Or, rather, the people around the world that read this blog.
And I wanted to say thank you.
Let me back up:
Blogger has this nifty (Yeah, I said nifty. People still say that...sometimes...) little gadget simply called "stats", and this shows you The number of pageviews, number of pageviews per post, what sites people are coming from to check out my blog, what people are searching for to find this blog, and where in the world people are reading this blog. (Among a few other things) This can be shown for the day, the past week, the past month, or all time since my first post back in May. Yeah, it's pretty sweet.
Anyway, I've been checking out my "Audience Stats" (where in the world people are reading my blog) and found some interesting results. Since I've started blogging, I've had people from (besides the ol' US of A)
The Netherlands
South Korea
Austria (Hi Manu!)
and more stop by my site.
And whether they actually read something or just marveled at my cute little egg thing at the top, It makes me feel special to have so many people from so many places, backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities...I'm blessed by all these people who have at least glimpsed into the world of Scrambled Megs,
So Thank You.
谢谢, Gracias, Dziękuję, Спасибо, Dank u, 감사합니다, Obrigado, شكرا

teşekkürler, Vielen Dank, Terima kasih.

I'm incredibly greatful for all of you. :)
Megs ♥


thatonegirl5305 said...

What is that thing anyway? It looks like a hardboiled egg yolk hiding in a I right???

Megs said...

Haha, I have no idea. It's adorable, though, lol.