Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm terribly sorry that all my posts have been in list form lately, but it's so much easier for the time being.
1. Another A Cappella rehearsal tonight. Woot...
2. ND 23 came out :D I have yet to purchase either that or Super Scribblenauts. Gah.
3. My Bio teacher is having her baby in May :D :D
4. Geometry sucks without Mr. L. But today was a little better.
5. We got the piece we commissioned for our Collage concert a couple weeks ago! :D It sounds amazing!
6. I've gotten hooked on Noteflight.
7. My little brother got a facebook. It's kind of weird.
8. I'm not telling oyu the other thing that happened to Josh ;)
9.  Have I mentioned I love my youth group. Cause I do. :)
10. We mad morrocan food the other day. NOM!!! :D
11. Josh got me playing Halo Reach with him more. Haha.
12. I love creative writing class :D
13. There are lots of smileys in this post.
14. Never Say Never, a story (novella) I'm writing, is sson to be finished :)
15. Well, I still have to type NSN after I'm done writing it.
16. 1st marking period at school is over already! :O
17. I think that's all I have to say.
Megs ♥
P.S. semper ubi sub ubi :)


thatonegirl5305 said...

1. What other thing happened to Josh????
2. Uh hem? We need to write!

Megs said...

1. I'll tell you at school.
2. Yes we do. Text me.