Monday, September 20, 2010

A Quick Update Because I Have a Boatload of Homework

1. I did not make the play. No worries, I'm over it.
2. The restaurant crawl was amazing. Stories later, I promise!
3. I got my Homecoming Dress. Check out my Polyvore to see it.
4. I finally played SCK: RE!!
5. I am an overachiever and that fact annoys me sometimes.
6. I love my youth group.
7. Mondays are fail.
8. I'm considering doing tech for the play. (It's Dracula, btw)
9. My mother's small group meetings start tonight at our house.
10. I need to get back to studying Biology
Megs ♥

1 comment:

thatonegirl5305 said...

5- ? I sense a story.
8- You should. Kelley (my new best friend and Homecoming date, lol) and I are going to set-building tomorrow night, and you should come too!