Monday, September 21, 2015


After a stressful weekend packed with troubles and misfortunes, I had to laugh a little when I discovered that today is World Gratitude Day.
If you had looked me in the eye on Saturday night and asked me "Megan, what are you grateful for today?" I would've shot you an exhausted, frustrated look. I would've told you that, in that moment, I was grateful for nothing.
That's a terrible attitude to have, I know. However, I think many of us tend to find ourselves at the end of a long day or in the midst of tragedy thinking, What about this can I possibly be grateful for?

The answer is that we can be grateful - in any situation, at any moment - for a God that is with us through thick and thin, a God who loves us an those around us no matter what. It's been said over and over in dozens of ways, but all of that "Give thanks to the Lord" stuff applies on the bad days as much as it does on the good ones.
I'm not saying I'm good at this. I am as guilty as anyone else of focusing on the woe-is-me side of things before remembering to tell myself, God's got this. 

I'm also not saying we can't be upset, sad, or angry about things. Emotions are important, normal, and human things to have. I just know that above those human emotions is a God who hears our cries and will listen. For me, that is a comfort. I can rejoice and be glad knowing that.

So today, and hopefully always (I'll work on it ☺ ), I'm choosing to be grateful.
I'm grateful for friends who make me tea, listen to me rant and rave, and hug me when I cry.
I'm grateful for a family that sticks up for each other and loves unconditionally.
I'm grateful that I am a part of communities that generally choose to build me up instead of tear me down.
I'm grateful for a job that is flexible and coworkers that are helpful.
Most of all, I am grateful that my God is steadfast, strong, and loves unconditionally. I am thankful that I can mess up royally and still be "dear one" at the end of the day.

Happy World Gratitude Day, dear readers. Go and hug a friend for me.

"You turned my wailing into dancing;
You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
12 that my heart may sing Your praises and not be silent.

Lord my God, I will praise You forever."
Psalm 30:11-12

Love Always,
Megs ♥

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Why I (Still) Want to be a Teacher

Several years ago, through many events, circumstances, and prayers, I believe I was called to teach Special Education. It is for that reason, and a few others, that I am on this journey and applying to enter the College of Education at school this fall.
One part of this journey included an observation class this spring. I was placed in a classroom and spent a total of 81.5 hours there observing an interacting with the students, their teacher, and their parapros in a K-2 resource room. It was a fantastic experience.
At the end of the class, we had to write a short essay on why, after going through 80+ hours in a classroom setting, we still wanted to be teachers. I wanted to share my response here, especially for my teacher friends/family, perhaps as a way of saying "I get it, and I'm staying."
I hope you enjoy.


June 2nd, 2015
Why I (Still) Want to be a Teacher

     There are always mixed reactions when you tell a group of people that you want to be a teacher. There are those who warn you about lack of job opportunity, question your future financial stability, and scold you for ‘wasting your intelligence’ – after all, you could be a rocket scientist if you wanted to be! (God help you [me] if you tell them you want to go into Special Education.) Then, there are those who encourage you, praise your efforts, and wish you well on your journey. The latter group is usually made up of teachers. This is because teachers are the ones who truly understand what I, as a candidate for the College of Education, am feeling these days. They were in my shoes at some point – an eager student, working hard in school just to go to school every day for the rest of their careers, because there’s something about a classroom and about learning that draws us in and makes us want to share the knowledge we’ve retained.
     There are, of course, times when teaching is a disillusion to anyone. In my hours of field work I have witnessed meltdowns, given tests that were horribly failed, observed the exact opposite of progress with a concept, and been coughed and sneezed on too many times to count. I have had students do the contrary of what I told them to do, talk back to me, yell “NO!” as loud as their little lungs could bare, cry, and then apologize and do their work as asked all within ten minutes. I want to be a teacher because I know that these are the rare moments in the scheme of things. However frequent they may feel, as a teacher there is a part of you that knows that this is not the norm, and that these children do try their best most of the time.

     I want to be a teacher because every child deserves to know that they are important and capable despite any circumstance. The classroom I’ve been observing is a special education resource room, with students from all different backgrounds, and with a range of abilities. I am confident that every single one of those students can be successful. I have combated any and every “I can’t do this” with a “Yes you CAN” because I believe it. They may not make it to quite the same level as their peers, but the important thing is that they know they can accomplish things and achieve greatness wherever they may fall on a spectrum or however challenging things are for them. They deserve the chance to get there.  At the end of the day, I want any utterance of “I can’t” to turn into “I did!”

     When you know you want to be a teacher, your desire is confirmed through those with whom you interact.  In my case, during the past few weeks specifically, I have had many moments where I could step back and affirm that yes, this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I found them each time a student asked me for help with an assignment. I found them when a meltdown gave way into a calm work session with excellent results. I found them when the students greeted me each morning, and with each assessment score that was leaps and bounds above the previous one. I found them in the stories I heard from them, the quirks they have, and in the way they’d celebrate when they accomplished a task. Every day I spent in Room 20 – no matter what testing was messing up the schedule or what life event called someone away - showed me that I most definitely still want to be a teacher. The students, teachers, and paraprofessionals, though they may not know it, continued to affirm what I truly believe is my calling, and know for a fact is my passion.

     So when I tell the next group of people I meet with that I still want to be a teacher, I’ll be ready for their reactions. Yes, there are in fact jobs out there for me. No, I’m not concerned about my financial future – none of us are ever in it for the money. No, I am not wasting my intelligence, I am sharing it with the next generation of doctors, scientists, writers, and yes, teachers, too. Yes, I am going into Special Education – no matter how many times you tell me I will burn out or wish I’d changed my mind, because I won’t. And when they all are done trying to convince me to run in the other direction, I will smile at my encouragers, because they are the ones who understand why I’m here. It’s not for me, and it’s not for them. It’s for each and every student that will one day walk through my classroom door. 



*Please, if you share, give credit where it's due. I do have a copyright on the blog. :)  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

I realized as I was trying to narrow down what things to post about that there's been so much that's happened since the hiatus began. I mean, obviously a lot happens to a person in over a year, but I'm talking things that would be silly to throw at you out of the blue.

So, without further ado, here's my best summation of what's happened in my life  since August of 2013.

As I mentioned, I began attending SVSU and am currently finishing up my second year here. (Well, technically I'm taking a spring semester this year, but that only means another two months versus the four of a traditional semester.) I'm still a declared Special Education Major, and I plan on applying for the College of Education here in the Fall, so hopefully by January of next year I will begin the (long) final stretch of my undergraduate education! I am still involved with University Foundation Scholars, and last year a friend (also in UFS) and I did our own service project for an Early Head Start program close to campus. While this year is not as involved for the UFS program, I still attend group events.

I am also involved in an interdenominational campus ministry on campus called Standing in the Gap. I won't go into the spiel of the group quite yet, but suffice it to say I have met many wonderful people and made so many friends through Gap. Lately I've been serving as a tech person, running the powerpoints for our weekly worship gathering and playing videos and such when necessary. It's an easy job, but I can think of few other instances where I have felt so appreciated for doing something.

This year, I've also been working for Housing Operations as a front desk worker in some of our dorms. It's a great job, and I have fantastic co-workers, supervisors, and bosses. I'll be continuing next year, as well.

Zach (whom I've referred to as 'boyfriend' previously, but I guess I can actually say his name, haha) is attending the same school, and is also in his second year. He is involved in the theatre (rightly so, as it is his major and got him a scholarship.) and has met some wonderful people there that I now call friends too. We've been together almost three years now, for those of you counting.

There's so much more that's happened at school, but I guess that sums up what you need to know for now on that side of things!

Big changes have occurred on the home front as well...especially because the home front is now in a new location! Early last year, Dad received a call (literally and otherwise) to a new church. God is good to us, and we are blessed with a new church family and the fact that we are close enough where Mom could keep her job and Josh can finish up Junior and Senior year in the same school. Though we were sad to leave our congregation of 10 years, we always love them and are not terribly far away. Otherwise, to make a long story short, we've been adjusting to a new community, house, church, and so on. So far, dear readers, so good.

I think that's where I will have to end things for now, as this post is turning out to be much longer than I originally intended. Hope this brings you all sort of up to speed!
Signing off for now,
Megs ♥

Friday, April 17, 2015

Out with the Old, in with the New

It's been too long, dear readers. However, I'm hoping today that my year and a half hiatus can officially come to an end.

Scrambled Megs is almost 5 years old now. It's so hard to believe! This little blog started as a way for a 15-year old to write her thoughts and try to make others laugh and think - or at least smile. (Okay, that, and to keep her friends and family in the know on her day-to-day antics.)

Today, I am 20 years and (almost) 3 months old. Looking back at old blog posts sometimes makes me cringe, and sometimes makes me proud of myself.

Today, I am so different than the 15 year old that wanted to have her very own blog. Don't be discouraged, I am still goofy and compassionate and everything that is core to my Megan-ness...but in the last two years I have grown (obviously), matured (surprise!) and had so many new experiences, and I know there is so much more to learn and do. I love 15 year old me in many ways, but I love 20 year old me in many different ones.

All of that to say it's time for some spring cleaning around here. I'm going to bid a fond farewell to the little eggs, the Comic Sans (*shudder*), and a few of my old posts that I can't stand reading anymore - they just aren't really me, then or now - they are me trying to be 'everyone else' and that's not a message I want to send here.

Starting tonight (since it became Friday since I've started typing) I will begin the revamp of the blog, so today will be your last chance to look back at everything here and enjoy the cute little eggs. (I love them, but they've had their day.) So, my dears, here's to the new. I have so much to share with you and I'm looking forward to things to come!

Love Always,

Megs ♥

P.S. Ahhh, it's good to be back.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm Going on a Adventure ~

You guys have probably figured out by now that I've been spending a lot of time preparing for college as well as doing all my other activities in between.
I've had my open house, gone on mission trip, worked VBS, had a weekend away, gone on a retreat with my college program (UFS), worked, packed, lead my challenge group, and much more in between.

Tomorrow, I leave.
Tomorrow, a new part of my journey officially begins.
(~Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in heaven has in store...~ sorry...I had to...)

As excited as I am, there are, as with every new part of a journey, a few bittersweet things.
I will miss my church family...though In will be back to see them once in awhile.
I will miss my friends that are going separate ways, though I know that we're sure to cross paths again someday.
I will miss my bedroom, though its' walls are close to bare and it is much emptier these days.
I will miss my family most of all, though I will see them the most, and talk to them as much as I can.

Thank God for the technology that is Skype.

I haven't really cried yet. But as I sit here, I think it's finally hitting me, and I can feel a few tears creeping up.

Most of me is unbearably excited.
Part of me is scared.
Part of me is sad.
The last part is nagging me to stop blogging and go bring up my boxes and stuff from the basement so I can be ready to pack one of the cars tonight.

But anyway.

I'm going to try my best to return to a post-more-often phase, so that friends and family can keep updated on my college life more than just on Facebook. It won't be like my first year of posting every day, but I'll try to post once a week or something along those lines.

See you around, guys.

One more dawn, one more day.

Love always,
Megs ♥

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In Which My Life is Insane. As Usual.

Get ready for a possibly long, but update-filled post!

So, as most of you know, this has been my senior year of high school.
Which is basically my general excuse for not blogging.
So yeah, let me basically take you through the past school year. Ready? Go!

-Accepted to SVSU
-Started senior year

-Last Homecoming, first one with a date ♥
-Last Spirit Week
-Invited to interview for President's Scholarship
-Trunk-or-Treat as a game show hostess.
-Josh and girlfriend started dating
-Bonfire at Josh's girl's place :)
- SVSU Open house
-Pizza Pizza Laugha Laugha

-6 Months with Boyfriend
-Interviewed for President's Scholarship and Foundation Scholars Program
-Accepted into Foundation Scholars Program
-Josh and Boyfriend in Any Number Can Die

-Messiah Concert
-Elementary School Concerts
-Collage concerts - cut short due to paranoid people. I may or may not still be slightly bitter.
- Christmas Party with Boyfriend
-Post-Short-Collage-Sadness Party + Sushi with Degs.
-Les Mis ♥ ♥
- Awarded the President's Scholarship to SVSU!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!)

-SpringHill, if you didn't catch my last post ;)
-Josh and Boyfriend in Willy Wonka (Boyfriend as Wonka :) )
- I turned 18!

-Worked Chrysalis Flight 54
-Sadie Hawkins Dance (In my Khaki Pants...there's nothin better...oh oh oh :) )
-I got a huge Teddy Bear named Cola for Valentine's Day ♥
-Superbowl Party!
-Pre-Fest Choir Concert cancelled.

-Boyfriend goes on Chrysalis Flight 55 - and is surprised by me on Saturday ;)
-Josh and Boyfriend in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as a suitor and a brother
- Boyfriend, Josh and I audition for and are cast in Walking on the Moon!!
-Easter Skit with Josh and other peeps
-Craft Fair Fundraiser
-Cat's Pajamas at FHS! Choir opened for them!
-Choir Festival - Excellent in Advanced sigthreading? I think yes!

- Josh turns 15!
-Splash Village with youth group!
-Tie-Dye with Beta girls

-Oh dear Lord...
-Alice's Restaurant
-Negligent Promicide (Will link later)
-Senior Prom!
-NHS Induction
- Orientation at SVSU
-Walking on the Moon - I could write an entire post on this...
-1 year with Boyfriend ♥ (Promise Ring ♥)
-Scrambled Megs turned 3!
-Grad breakfast at Church
-Last Choir Concert
- Last day of HS
-Soprandrew's Bday Partay
-Honors Night (High Honor Cords dude! )

- Senior Celebration @ SVSU
- Boyfriend's Open House
- My open house on Saturday! :O
-Scrapbooking/Getting ready for Saturday
-Mission Trip next week
-VBS the week after (GAH)
- Twin's Open house on the 22nd

-Les Mis @ Meadow Brook Theatre with Boyfriend, Mom, and Boyfriend's mom :)
-Challenge Groups for Church
-Up North weekend with best friend?

-Foundation Scholars Overnighter
-Classes Start!

Okay, so I got a little ahead of myself there. But that's a synopsis of what's been going on. Oy Vey.
So anyway, we have company coming today, so I will wrap up and hopefully  be back soon!

Love always,
Megs ♥

Monday, January 7, 2013

My SpringHill Story

When I was in 7th grade, a wee little girl of barely 13, I had my first opportunity to go to a Winter Teen Retreat at SpringHill Camps up in Evart, Michigan. I had heard bits and pieces of stories from the older kids, and they had always raved about their camp of course, I had to be part of the action. I signed up for our Middle School weekend retreat. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The theme for the weekend was Identify. We were taken into the dining hall and watched a video... a (fake) star name Jenn.Y (No typos, that was it) had been kidnapped, and it was up to us and the "SpringHill Investigators" to find her kidnapper. We were given a lanyard with a schedule for the weekend and a Map of the "Crime Scene" (camp). Afterward, we took a group photo and took a (lonnnnnggg) drive to our cabins. The girls were staying in the Aztecs. (Shudder) We unpacked and realized that in order to use the bathroom we would have to trudge up a snow-covered hill to a set of public bathrooms/showers. That in mind, we walked (about 10 minutes) to the main area of the camp for our first session. (Worship service)

The band went by Attaboy. Right away, there was something noticeably different about them. Their focus was worship. Not fame, screaming fans, and performance time...just worship. The videos and skits were amazing....the broomball be honest I wasn't very excited about broomball.  Then our speaker entered. His name was Ricky Page. He was 5'6", wore a cool hat, and loved Jesus. That much I could tell just by looking at him. When he spoke, it wasn't as though he was talking to a bunch of middle schoolers. He spoke to us as friends, as equals. That got my attention. 

That night, we walked back to our cabin (and got lost) and fell asleep. The next  morning was the Good Morning Game Show, breakfast...and broomball. You have to understand, I'm not that into most sports. Sure, I watch games every once in awhile, but I'm not very athletic. Anywho, let's just go with I fumbled through and lost my first broomball game. Moving on.

Saturday night is what this whole post has been leading up to. At session that night, Ricky told us how much God loves us and wants to be in a relationship with us. It was that night that I realized that being a pastor's kid didn't make me an automatic Christian. I wanted that relationship with my savior...I needed it. When Ricky invited people that wanted to make a commitment to that relationship to stand, it took me half a second to be on my feet. The feeling I had at that moment was, in a word, indescribable. That day, at 13 years old, I rose from my 'automatic christian' stereotype. Jesus was my new BFF.

Thus began my SpringHill story.

The next year I couldn't wait to go back. Ricky Page would be speaking again the weekend my youth group went. The band was Alabaster Box. The theme was Invent. The intro that year involved guessing the inventors of everyday objects. Afterward, we received our lanyards. We stayed in cabins that had athrooms in them and were only a three minute walk from the main area! :D  That year, I learned an Australian greeting...Onya! (Australian readers, I apologize if Narrah lied to me. Haha :) ) I also learned about one of God's greatest inventions: us. This was the year I began my Goalie career in broomball. I started to actually like it! In addition, I got one of my greatest lessons in didn't have a formula, or requirements. I could just talk to God like I would talk to anyone else, and there was no 'wrong' way to pray. Not gonna lie, that was a relief.

Freshman year was a very different SpringHill experience. My mom was chaperoning, we had a new youth leader (the infamous Momma Joy), and Ricky wasn't going to be there our weekend. The lanyards were gone, the intro wasn't there and it felt...weird. However, this was one of my favorite years. The theme that year was One. (One God, One Faith, One Life) We stayed all together in a huge cabin. We had to walk to the bathrooms, but they were closer than the Aztecs. High School retreats were more...crazy. Everyone was so much more excited and on fire for Jesus. I got to share the experience with my Mom, my Momma, and my best friends. That year, Attaboy was back. The speaker's name was Eric Samuel Timm. He painted while Attaboy was was amazing! He was no Ricky, but he had a style all his own that we all loved. In the broomball tournament, we got to Semifinals! Then we lost in a shootout round by one goal :( Oh well. We brought along a Foreign exchange student, Leon, this year and celebrated his birthday at our cabin. This was also the year of Dirty Water and Pineapple Vitamin Water. \

Sophomore year was similar to Freshman year in that my mom went with us again and Attaboy was the band, but that years theme was Thrive, and we got to stay in the infamous Caboose cabins! This began the New York thing for Jasmine and I...we stayed in the New York Central Station caboose. :) The speaker that year was Duffy Robbins. He was nice and funny, but not really my favorite speaker. We weren't allowed to have our phones, and I found that I was a lot less distracted. I spent a lot of time just talking and sharing stories with people. I loved my cabin group. I also was back in the goal for broomball. Our second game we had to play in a blizzard. I still have my written sheet from the Prayer Labyrinth.

Junior Year landed us in Freedom Hall...the closest housing area to the main campus! (Our Room wa sNew York...mjuch to mine and Jasmine's delight) :D The theme was En Route. Worship was lead by The Spark, and the speaker was Brock Morgan. There was almost no snow outside, and it was warm enough that the broomball courts had not completely frozen. It as brutal to play on my knees in the goal, because it was wet and slush-y. The second game we played was against a brutal team, and it left us in a little bit of a foul mood afterward. But we got over it, and had an amazing weekend overall. Josh and Dad even came to visit us :)

Finally, this year came.
I was excited...Ricky was speaking again, Sevenglory (a band that older kids had raved about) was playing, and we were in Freedom hall again. Mom joined us for her fourth year, and Josh came for his first year ever. Boyfriend and some of my best friends also got to come with us! The theme this year was Sketch. I had so many connecting moments - one of the boards from Identified made up the Sketch group photo board, I got to meet and thank Ricky for his impact on me, etc. It was an amazing, heartwarming last year. It was probably my favorite weekend. I never wanted to leave.

There's no way I could describe everything from every'd be reading this forever. But I guess all of this was to share all the fun and growth I have gotten out of my years at this camp.
Thanks are in order.

To the staff of SpringHill...thank you for your work, dedication, sense of humor, and love for God and us kids.
To Matt, Diane, Joy, Greg, Mom, and all the other chaperones over the years...thank you for letting us have this experience and helping to guide us on our faith journeys. You all have inspired and helped me draw closer to God in some way.
To Ricky, Eric, Duffy, and Brock...thank you for speaking to us as equals, and sharing the love of Christ with us in your own way. You will never know how much of an impact each of you truly had on me and countless others.
To the members of Attaboy, Alabaster Box, The Spark, and Sevenglory...thank you for leading worship and spending time with everyone. Thank you for doing it all in Christ's name.
To my friends who have gone with me on these retreats...thank you for being there. Thank you for loving me as I am. Thank you for making these weekends the best of my life.
If you've got a couple more years to go, win me a broomball championship, okay? :)
I love you all ♥

(Apologies for the post length :) )
In Christ,
Megs ♥