Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

I realized as I was trying to narrow down what things to post about that there's been so much that's happened since the hiatus began. I mean, obviously a lot happens to a person in over a year, but I'm talking things that would be silly to throw at you out of the blue.

So, without further ado, here's my best summation of what's happened in my life  since August of 2013.

As I mentioned, I began attending SVSU and am currently finishing up my second year here. (Well, technically I'm taking a spring semester this year, but that only means another two months versus the four of a traditional semester.) I'm still a declared Special Education Major, and I plan on applying for the College of Education here in the Fall, so hopefully by January of next year I will begin the (long) final stretch of my undergraduate education! I am still involved with University Foundation Scholars, and last year a friend (also in UFS) and I did our own service project for an Early Head Start program close to campus. While this year is not as involved for the UFS program, I still attend group events.

I am also involved in an interdenominational campus ministry on campus called Standing in the Gap. I won't go into the spiel of the group quite yet, but suffice it to say I have met many wonderful people and made so many friends through Gap. Lately I've been serving as a tech person, running the powerpoints for our weekly worship gathering and playing videos and such when necessary. It's an easy job, but I can think of few other instances where I have felt so appreciated for doing something.

This year, I've also been working for Housing Operations as a front desk worker in some of our dorms. It's a great job, and I have fantastic co-workers, supervisors, and bosses. I'll be continuing next year, as well.

Zach (whom I've referred to as 'boyfriend' previously, but I guess I can actually say his name, haha) is attending the same school, and is also in his second year. He is involved in the theatre (rightly so, as it is his major and got him a scholarship.) and has met some wonderful people there that I now call friends too. We've been together almost three years now, for those of you counting.

There's so much more that's happened at school, but I guess that sums up what you need to know for now on that side of things!

Big changes have occurred on the home front as well...especially because the home front is now in a new location! Early last year, Dad received a call (literally and otherwise) to a new church. God is good to us, and we are blessed with a new church family and the fact that we are close enough where Mom could keep her job and Josh can finish up Junior and Senior year in the same school. Though we were sad to leave our congregation of 10 years, we always love them and are not terribly far away. Otherwise, to make a long story short, we've been adjusting to a new community, house, church, and so on. So far, dear readers, so good.

I think that's where I will have to end things for now, as this post is turning out to be much longer than I originally intended. Hope this brings you all sort of up to speed!
Signing off for now,
Megs ♥

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