Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In Which My Life is Insane. As Usual.

Get ready for a possibly long, but update-filled post!

So, as most of you know, this has been my senior year of high school.
Which is basically my general excuse for not blogging.
So yeah, let me basically take you through the past school year. Ready? Go!

-Accepted to SVSU
-Started senior year

-Last Homecoming, first one with a date ♥
-Last Spirit Week
-Invited to interview for President's Scholarship
-Trunk-or-Treat as a game show hostess.
-Josh and girlfriend started dating
-Bonfire at Josh's girl's place :)
- SVSU Open house
-Pizza Pizza Laugha Laugha

-6 Months with Boyfriend
-Interviewed for President's Scholarship and Foundation Scholars Program
-Accepted into Foundation Scholars Program
-Josh and Boyfriend in Any Number Can Die

-Messiah Concert
-Elementary School Concerts
-Collage concerts - cut short due to paranoid people. I may or may not still be slightly bitter.
- Christmas Party with Boyfriend
-Post-Short-Collage-Sadness Party + Sushi with Degs.
-Les Mis ♥ ♥
- Awarded the President's Scholarship to SVSU!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!)

-SpringHill, if you didn't catch my last post ;)
-Josh and Boyfriend in Willy Wonka (Boyfriend as Wonka :) )
- I turned 18!

-Worked Chrysalis Flight 54
-Sadie Hawkins Dance (In my Khaki Pants...there's nothin better...oh oh oh :) )
-I got a huge Teddy Bear named Cola for Valentine's Day ♥
-Superbowl Party!
-Pre-Fest Choir Concert cancelled.

-Boyfriend goes on Chrysalis Flight 55 - and is surprised by me on Saturday ;)
-Josh and Boyfriend in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as a suitor and a brother
- Boyfriend, Josh and I audition for and are cast in Walking on the Moon!!
-Easter Skit with Josh and other peeps
-Craft Fair Fundraiser
-Cat's Pajamas at FHS! Choir opened for them!
-Choir Festival - Excellent in Advanced sigthreading? I think yes!

- Josh turns 15!
-Splash Village with youth group!
-Tie-Dye with Beta girls

-Oh dear Lord...
-Alice's Restaurant
-Negligent Promicide (Will link later)
-Senior Prom!
-NHS Induction
- Orientation at SVSU
-Walking on the Moon - I could write an entire post on this...
-1 year with Boyfriend ♥ (Promise Ring ♥)
-Scrambled Megs turned 3!
-Grad breakfast at Church
-Last Choir Concert
- Last day of HS
-Soprandrew's Bday Partay
-Honors Night (High Honor Cords dude! )

- Senior Celebration @ SVSU
- Boyfriend's Open House
- My open house on Saturday! :O
-Scrapbooking/Getting ready for Saturday
-Mission Trip next week
-VBS the week after (GAH)
- Twin's Open house on the 22nd

-Les Mis @ Meadow Brook Theatre with Boyfriend, Mom, and Boyfriend's mom :)
-Challenge Groups for Church
-Up North weekend with best friend?

-Foundation Scholars Overnighter
-Classes Start!

Okay, so I got a little ahead of myself there. But that's a synopsis of what's been going on. Oy Vey.
So anyway, we have company coming today, so I will wrap up and hopefully  be back soon!

Love always,
Megs ♥

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