Thursday, June 24, 2010

Driving is Much Harder than Riding a Bike, Part 6

I drove on the freeway today.
Let's just say I didn't do bad, but my teeth were clenched the whole time. Haha. :)
One of the girls in our car got really sick, so we took her back to school and then she went home. So only Troy and I were left. (Well, Mr. Powers too, but he was our instructor, so he doesn't count there. ;) ) Anyway, we toodled around Lake Fenton and then went back for two hours of epic amazingness that is the classroom. (Note: That statement should be read sarcastically, with various eyerolls inserted. Lol. :) )
That's pretty much all for today. I have Zumba at six. Yay Zumba!
Woah, that was really random.
Megs ♥

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