Tuesday, December 14, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 14

Scrambled Megs' Guide to Various Colors of Snow

Red: Obviously painted, unless you happen to be freshly bleeding all over it. But seriously, it's probably just paint.

Orange: Paint again, or possibly an orange peel and not really snow at all.

Yellow: I think we ALL know what this means.

Green: It's probably grass that you're seeing...or more paint. In which case, I want some snow paint.

Blue: Sometimes people spill their blue anti-freeze liquid into the snow. Or it's more snow paint. Lol. :)

Purple: Radioactive snow...


Or more paint.

Pink: Someone decided to try and freeze their cherry Kool-aid in the snow.

Black: The fire nation is coming. Run for your life. 

Brown: Eww...really?

White: You really shouldn't be worried about this, okay? Snow is SUPPOSED to be white. You know, white Christmas, falalalala and all that jazz?

Indigo: Indigo snow does not exist. If you see it, you are halucinating. 

Gray/ Grey/However you spell it: The fire nation came two days ago, you're okay. 

Hope this made you smile :) 
Megs ♥ 

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