Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 19

Days till Christmas

Now it's time to talk Christmas letters.
You know, those crazy pages that attempt to sum up the past year in just a few words?
The things that crowd your mailbox each December?
The things we use to catch up on what's happened with family and friends?
Yeah, those.

I wrote the Christmas letter for my family this year. It was pretty fun. And you, knowing my style of writing by now, can imagine what it sounded like.

However, I happened to forget to put a lot of things that happened this year into the letter.
I mean, no one can really be expected to remember everything that's happened in the past 365 days.
I can barely remember last week, haha.

It kind of makes you tink, though. When you read those Christmas letters, what isn't in that synopsis of the year?
Although I suppose we shouldn't dwell on that.
Food for thought.

Megs ♥

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