Wednesday, May 4, 2011

29 Gifts: Day 4

Today, I gave a hug and some encouragement to a friend who was upset. She is trying to get into  Early College next year, and was previously told that she only had to take one test and be interviewed. She found out today that there are two more tests she wasn't informed of that she has to take along with the other test and the interview on Saturday. As you can imagine, she was pretty stressed. I told her that she would be fine, as she is a very smart girl and totally perfect for the early college she is applying to. I told her she would do great, and not to be negative about it. She came up to me later and told me what I said really helped, and that she was feeling a lot better. It was wonderful. :)
Join me in praying for her, guys? She could use it :)

Until Tomorrow,
Megs  ♥

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