Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scrambled Megs Turns One! (+ The 29 Gifts Challenge Day 1)

Hello, people that happen to be perusing the internet, and welcome to the celebration of Scrambled Megs' first birthday. Yes, a year ago today this wonderous random blog entered the blogosphere. So now we come give this blog a virtual high five for staying alive for a whole 365 days. (Yes, my blog has hands, lol.) Anyway, there's no cake...or funny party hats...or munchies for that matter...but it's totally a party!!
Umm...yeah. so happy birthday, my dear blog! May you have many more birthdays to come!

Thanks to all of you readers who have been there since the beginning, and those of you that hopped on the bandwagon sometime after that :) I love you all!

Megs ♥

UPDATE 2:45pm
Today, in my sunday school class, we discussed the 29 Gifts challenge/book/story. (and watched this video) We all have decided to take the challenge. So, as a birthday present to my blog (Haha) I will be posting my gifts each day until  the 29th. (I may even double dip on our group's 29 Gifts to come later.)  The posts will most likely be short, but that's okay. :)
If you decide to take the challenge yourself, you can create a blog for it, print off a calender, and more from the 29 Gifts site. (Linked above)
Please keep me and my group in your thoughts prayers as we start to make a habit of giving each day :) Thanks guys! You all rock!

Day 1:
Today, I gave a fellow group member a book to read. He'll not only be using it for our youth group curriculum, but his English class as well. :) Enjoy, Skyler!

Megs ♥

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