Monday, June 4, 2012

Stay Tuned...

Hey y'all!
I actually have ten posts (Okay, I have to write the last half of one, but...) prepared for a mini series of somewhat deep thoughs and such.
The thing is, I have too much going this week (Finals, paper crane folding, etc.) that I've decided I'm not starting the mini series until later, as in probably next week or two weeks from now.
So, um.
That was a lame post.
But I wanted to let you know.

Ooooh, I could tell you a story about NYC! :D
Or not.

Just kidding, here you go:


A long time ago, on a bus in some random state, several friends were awakening.

Okay, I don't feel like writing in this tense.

So, a few friends and I that were in our little area of the NY-bound charter bus had just woken up after stopping somewhere near New Jersey for a break. It was around 2 in the morning and wew were all a little sleep deprived and loopy. We started having one of those whispery enough but at the same time possibly too loud conversations, and it made absolutely no sense. At one point, my friend Marli says
"I wish we had gone through Canada...I really wanted to see a moose."
Now, even in a loopy state I knew this was etremely random.
"Why would you want to see a moose? It's just a moose!" I told her.
"Moooose!" Marli groaned, making all of us in the vicinity start laughing. "Oh, look guys!" She continued jokingly. "There's a moose now!"
There was no moose, of course, but, as Tara, who was next to Marli, woke up, this was all she had heard.
"Whaaa-?" Tara moaned.
"You missed it! There was moose and you missed it!"
"That's nice, Marli."
"Go back to sleep, Marli," Zach, who was next to me, mumbled.

I think we all agve up after that. But it was kind of amusing.

Sorry if that was a lame story. I have more, but you know. Cranes to fold, finals to study for, motions to put to songs. The usual ;)

Now, let's see if any of you pick up on the new tag...

Megs ♥

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