Saturday, July 28, 2012

10/10: Dreams

I usually have weird dreams.
For instance, I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was Batgirl, but I was in the world of Les Miserables fleeing from Inspector Javer, and was about to be captured when Jean Valjean (who looked like a cross between Boyfriend and Hugh Jackman) saved me and then turned into Batman.
Like I said.
However, there is one strangely wonderful dream that I'll never forget.
 The dream was set in my house...the dining room, to be exact. Only instead of a table in the middle of the chairs, there was a big metal ring.
Suddenly, in the middle of the ring, a holographic image of my Grandma appeared.
Now, at the (real life) time I had this dream, I had recently been to my Grandma's funeral.
You can imagine how I felt while having this dream.
I know that my (dream) family and I had a conversation with holographic dream Grandma, (now that I read that back to myself, that sounds kind of hilarious out of context) but the only part that sticks out in my memory is this:
"NOw, I can't stay much longer, alright?" Grandma said to me.
"Gramma, before you go...tell us what heaven is like?" Ten-year-old dream me asked.
"Oh, it's wonderful!" Gramma said in a way only she could. "Don't you worry about me!"
And then she was gone.
I woke up crying, but with a strange sense of peace.
I'm pretty convinced that this particular dream wasn't 'just another dream'.

Megs ♥

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