Monday, July 23, 2012

5/10: Broken

Do you ever wonder why the divorce rate is so high? (I know there are many reasons; not the point)
Sadly, it's amazing to our generation when we meet a couple that's been together 20+ years.

Are we a generation that just throws things away?
Could we be a generation of fixers?
Is it too late?
Are we so set in our way of thinking - if it breaks, get rid of it - that we're  wasting our relationships?

I, for one, want to be able to fix my relationships when they start to break. My prayer is that I can have the strength and will to do so...because I have failed before.

Megs ♥

Dear Boyfriend,
I promise that if anything ever starts to break between us, I will do my best to mend it.
I will always be your best friend, no matter what.
But God's plan comes before ours, okay? :)

(Cue awws and mush ;) )

♥ Megan

On an unrelated and also personal note, I'd like to ask for prayers for one of the little girls from my church. Madison is 6 and getting a brain tumor sugically removed today.
I'm scared for her, but I know God is always with her. (And I know she knows that, too. :) )
Thanks guys ♥

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