Saturday, May 8, 2010

Besties ♥

I have the most amazing friends in the world.
No lie.
You see, tonight we had an epically amazing time in a little coffee shop downtown. 5 of us (though I assure you I have more epic friends than that) sat in the back corner sipping hot chocolate/lattes/snowballs ((YUMM)) , taking random pictures of each other, and singing songs from our favorite musicals while two ladies tried to have a conversation in the front of the shop. Oh, and dancing. Yes, we danced in a coffee shop. Lol :D
See why I love them?
And the funny thing is, we haven't known each other for a terribly long time. I've known one of them for 5 years, two of them for 3 years, and one for about 2. We've gotten so close we're comfortable doing things like singing loudly in a coffee shop with each other. I couldn't ask for kinder, funnier, more random, or more loving girls to be my best friends. These are the friends that'll stick by me through anything.
Aww, man, there I go with the mush again.
But I'm serious. I love those girls to death.
So, Shelby, Helen, Cara, and Jasmine: Thank you guys for an amazing time tonight. I love you all. :D
Megs ♥

P.S. I'm warning you now, I'll probably post something lovingly mushy about my mom tomorrow. Just a heads up ;)

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