Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Story Time!

On occasion, my family and I will have a night where the tv stays off, we all gather in the livingroom, and...
We talk.
Expecting something a bit more epic?
No, this is as epic as it gets.
You see, we have some crazy stories of zany adventures, and love to share them with each other.
Lasy night turned into one of those nights. It was raining outside, and we decided it was time for a story night.
I'm going to share one of my stories...just because I can and feel like writing it down somewhere...in hopes that I'll come back to read this post one day and remember it. (Or, you know, anyone reading this might need a good laugh in the future. :) )
Okay, so here we go.

The Day I Thought Josh Ran Away
A true story as told by Megan

One Saturday afternoon, while my brother, Josh, and I were home alone, I got Josh extremely angry with me. The details as to how slip my memory...
Anywho, Josh decided to stomp off into his room.
"I'll just run away and you'll never see me again!" Josh shouted.
"Nice try, but I won't let you out of there!" I replied.
"Fine! I'll just climb out the window!"A sobbing Josh called back.
Oy vey.
"Fine, okay, calm down. I'll be back in like 10 minutes. Just chill in there, okay?" I told him, walking away.
I went back to the living room to watch tv for about 10 minutes. After, I went back to Josh's room and opened the door.
He wasn't there.
The window was open.
Uh Oh.
I ran around the house, calling "Josh! Josh? JOSH?!" and seached in closets, cupboards, and even the shower. I ran to the basement. Still no sign of him. I called my mom's cell phone.
"I lost Josh!" I bawled when my mom answered.
"What? What do you mean?"
"He was mad and he said he would run away and I can't find him and he won't answer and...wahhh!!!" I sobbed in one breath.
"Okay, honey, calm down. Yell for him again, but tell him I want to talk to him."
"Okay.", I said meekly. "JOSH! MOM WANTS TO TALK WITH YOU ON THE PHONE!!" I yelled. 
5 seconds later, I hear footsteps come up the stairs.
It was Josh.
The evil little thing had opened his window, closed his door, snuck downstairs, hid in a huge cabinet we kept board games in, and completely ignored my yells and sobs.
Oh, how angry I was with him...
The End :)
Of course, we got  over it and moved on, and it's kinda funny now...but it sure as heck wasn't funny then.
I will admit, Josh isn't always an evil mastermind...he can be pretty awesome sometimes. But those are stories for...say, next Tuesday?
I'm sure you'll read them all eventually.
Oh, Josh.  ;)
Megs ♥

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