Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome To the Auditorium, AKA Your Second Home

My brother had an orchestra concert tonight, and we were all reminded that he will be moving up in the world and will be in Middle School Orchestra next year. Oh, they grow up so fast. ;) I felt the need to inform my parents that next year, our high school auditorium will become practically their second home, as well as mine and Josh's. Why? Well, as I mentioned, Josh will be an official MS orch dork, while I will be in A capella choir, an accomplishment I'm very proud of, by the way. :D Josh and I also might be getting involved in drama at our respective schools. (MS for him, HS for me) So, with all the concerts, plays, and such...which of course, our parents won't miss (they're just awesome like that) the auditorium will become, as I said, all of our second home. I am totally okay with that. I love the stage. :D
I'm going to end this now, as I'm still not feeling very well.
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