Monday, June 21, 2010

Driving is Much Harder than Riding a Bike, Part 3

Today was my first day of range, or, in simpler terms, the scariest obstacle course type thing you will ever experience. Not only did I serpentine forwards, (which, admittedly, was pretty easy thanks to Mr. Powers and his making me do figure 8s) but BACKWARDS as well. Let's just say, doing ANYTHING backwards is not my forte. Not that I did that bad. I suprised myself and did pretty well overall, considering it was my first time.
Not much else to report. Other than the 2 hours in the classroom were the longest EVER. Seriously, Mr. Evans talks about trains too much. Like, seriously, I KNOW not to cross the tracks in front of a moving train. Duh. And then, at one point, he stopped mid sentence to let us know we could bring stuff to drink to class. Yeah, thanks Mr. E. I'll bring some sobe tomorrow, and then you can tell  me more about the idiots who go around the gates. Oy vey.
Until next time,
Megs ♥

((Btw, I am not an old jewish man just because I say oy vey. Lol. :) ))

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thatonegirl5305 said...

bwahaha! he did that to our class too!