Sunday, June 20, 2010

From Daddy's Girl ♥

So, some of you caught my Mother's Day post last month.
Now it's my dads' turn.
Yes, Dads is plural.
So, let me start with my Godfather. (Not THE godfather, MY godfather. ;) )
He's also my uncle, and he's a pretty awesome guitar playing guy. He's getting married on Saturday, and I'm really happy for him and proud of him too.
((Hi Uncle Steve! I love you!))
Then there's my grandfather. He is the best grandpa a girl could ask for. He doesn't play favorites. He spends time with all of us and spoils us rotten. (In a good way, of course.) And, like my grandma, he doesn't treat me like a little child.
Then, of course, there's Greg. (That's Momma Joy's husband, btw)
Greg is my buddy. Lol. He's also my sista, but that's a long story I'm not gong to tell you yet. Lol.
Anyway, he's kind, funny, and always finds a way to make me smile.
Okay, time for my actual dad.
I love my dad. I am most definitely a daddy's girl.
I love him because he's an epically amazing guitar player, an insanely hilarious person, and a wonderful pastor. However, he's not the kind of pastor who preaches to his kids daily. He doesn't push our faith. He lets us grow at our own pace. He finds time to hang with both of us, and he always is there when I need him.
He's been through some tough stuff, but he has overcome many challenges. I am proud of him. I couldn't ask for a more amazing dad. (Note: Josh thinks I should've said righteous. Lol. I suppose I agree...)
So, to my friend, King Julian, my daddy. (Oh, and all my other dads. :) )
I love you to Pluto and back again.
Daddy's Girl ♥

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