Saturday, June 19, 2010

Driving is Much Harder than Riding a Bike, Part 2

Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday, guys. I kind of forgot. Lol.
Anyway, so yesterday I had another thrilling driver's ed class. Instead of range, my group drove again because the schedule was all messed up because Mr. Evans had what was possibly a heart attack and was in the hospital. :((
I think he's still there for tests and whatnot. He's okay, don't worry.
But anyway, yeah, our schedule was weird, we had a different teacher for our classroom partion, and so on.
I did get to drive with Mr. Powers though. Which was insanely fun and much more relaxed. I still wasn't very good on curves, so Mr. Powers was like, "Here, pull into the middle school parking lot. We're gonna do some figure 8s."
Yeah, so I did like 50 figure 8s before I was finally good at them and Mr. Powers let me out of the parking lot. Lol.
Fun times.
Except when one of the other kids drove past a dead dog and then a dead fawn. :'(( That made me so sad. I seriously almost cried. :(
But, in comparison to my first day driving, my second day was overall a very good experience. I even remembered my seatbelt!! Hooray for me!
But guess what? Riding a bike is still easier.
Seriously now.
Alright, that's about all I have to say.
Wait, no, I need to rant about my disappointment in the weatherman yesterday!
We were supposed to get a super awesome thunderstorm, (I loooove thunderstorms...within reason, of course.) and it was supposed to hit us at 9:55. Well, 9:55 came around. Nothing. 15 minutes later. Nothing. So, we checked our (Cue weatherperson voice you hear on tv) "local doppler radar" and looked at where we were on the map. The storm was not passing over us, but rathar, AROUND us!! >:(
It was moving this way --> right? but as soon as it came about 10 miles from us, it split off like this: <
So all we got was a little rain.
Okay, I'm done.
Megs ♥

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