Thursday, August 5, 2010

Creating a Musical: Day 4 (+Performance)

Today was great. Even though we had to rehearse several times, we made it through the moans and groans and successfully got the kids ready for tonight.
Even though I've been exausted, I'm kind of sad it's come to an end. I adore all of these kids. I'm told I have a knack for teaching. Haha.
(Oh no, Mark's gonna kill
Anywho, performance time finally came, and the kids were WONDERFUL! I am sooooo proud of them and I love them to death! They pulled it all together and were excited about it! They were so adorable and amazing, and they had a ball being up there and praising God. (PTL!!!)
(As you can see, I'm totally bursting with happiness, haha)
Alright. I'm going to chillax and finally sleep in tomorrow!!!
Hasta la vista!!
Megs ♥
(P.S. exceptional quotes from the kids today, just a lot of hugging and stuff ;) )

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