Monday, August 30, 2010

Polyvore and Miniatures

This post got accidentally published WAAAY before it was done, so sorry, bear with me.
The past week or so I've been working on a  couple things: Polyvore and my minature house. They've eaten my liffe, but in a good way.
Polyvore is an online collage designer thingy. You pick out different things from any online store (clothes, mostly) and throw them all together in an epic collage. Shelby and Jazz started before me, making outfits they imagined Nancy Drew wearing in each of her PC games. That's not all we use it for, I promise. :) In fact, if you want to check out my profile, click here. It's a lot of fun. :)
Okay, moreso fun if you're a girl. But there are some guys on there too!

I don't think I've mentioned my slight obsesssion with miniature things. It's kind of my mom's fault. Long story short, I'm working on building a house for all of the miniatures I've made, and it's pretty darn amazing so far. It's made out of cardboard, mostly, but the things I've made to put in it use a lot of different stuff. I got a lot of it done today, and I did a lot of painting, too. (I have dried paint all over me. It's insane.) Perhaps I'll post some pictures later.
Which reminds me, I think I'm going to eventually set up an email account just for my blog, so if anyone wants to contact me with questions about posts or whatever and doesn't have my personal email, (as in people I don't know)  they can. Woot.
Alright, back to the basement. It's much cooler down there. (Oh yeah, our AC broke)
Megs ♥

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