Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anniversary ♥

Yesterday was my parents' 19th anniversary! (Hold your applause, I have a story to tell.)
So, me being me, I had a card all ready for them to open on the table, and a secret plan. Which is not a secret anymore so I can tell you all about it. Haha. :)
So since Dad still had to go to work and Mom decided to go do some stuff in her classroom, I had about an hour and a half with both of them out of the house.
Now, before I go on, some of you are aware that last year, during a situatioin similar to this (only I had three hours and they were out running errands together) I made a cake for them. Long story short: It failed but it was delicious. Moving on.
This year I was going to make a cookie crisp. Not a cookie, a cookie crisp. As in flatter and crispier. So I used my grandma's recipe for sugar cookies and whipped together a liiiitttle bit of dough for it. I put it on the pan and baked it. While that was going on, I also put together some icing and put it in a bag. M original plan was to write "Happy"on one crisp and "Anniversary" on the other." Well, with my luck, of course the second one fell apart. So I gave up on that plan. Plus, I was thinking to myself, I'm not that good at writing with icing anyway. So I iced the whole thing and put a heart in the middle. I ran it downstairs and put it in the fridge we have down there, ran back up, and cleaned up all evidence of my crisp. I was just in time, too...Mom arrived home only as few minutes after I had finished. Success.
Anyway, I waited until Dad got home before I unveiled my crispy masterpiece. :)
They enjoyed it. Yay!
Anywho, we went out to dinnner wiht my grandparents last night, as it was their anniversary last week. (Plus we hadn't seen them since the wedding in June) I'm tempted to tell you that whole story, but I really don't feel like reliving that right my mind or otherwise...Haha.
But, all in all, we had a good day.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. (Again)
Megs ♥

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