Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today was pretty awesome :)
My teachers seem wonderful, my classes will be challenging (in a good way), and very, very fun.
I start my day in English. My teacher's son and Josh are friends, so she knew who I was right away. My 2nd hour is biology, with another teacher I already knew. (My mother's a teacher, I know a lot of teachers...you get the picture) Anyway, 3rd hour is my creative writing class, with Mr. D, who is the husband of my english teacher from last year. I was kind of freaked to find out that I'm the ONLY sophomore in that entire class...the rest of the people are juniors and seniors. Luckily, I know a few of them. *Sigh of relief*
4th hour is US History, with my bio teacher's husband. He's pretty cool too :) 5th hour...the most epic hour of my day...is A CAPPELLA!! Woot! Yay choir! Plus, I love my choir teacher. :) (I had him before in 7th and 8th grade :) ) And then  I go on to 6th hour Geometry. Ugh. Well, my teacher seems to be pretty cool, but he's like 3 years out of college, so...we'll see how that turns out. I just don't like math very much.
So, yeah, that's my ramblings about my first day and classes.
OHMIGOSH, I forgot to tell you about the title!!
Okay, so in A Cappella (From now on that will be shortened to Acap.) we didn't have much to do, as it was the first day, so we had storytime! Yay!! Anywho, my friend Sophia told us about the day this summer when her cat went missing.  She and her mom went to search for the cat in the woods behind her house, and split up. All of a sudden, Sophia sees an EMU! (and yes, it was an emu) So she's like, freaking out and I'm not going to fill you in on other details other than they figured out it belonged to some guy who owns a bunch of exotic animals. Like a llama and an emu and such.
So yeah, emus are not normally found around here.
Haha...emu is fun to say :)
Alright, I'm done. Farewell!
Megs ♥

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