Monday, November 29, 2010

25 Days of Christmas Blogging...Maybe

So I've been thinking about doing a whole 25 day long blog post series about Christmas-y things. Well, technically 24, because Christmas Eve would have two. (You really expected me to post on Christmas? C'mon!) Anyway, my only concern with that is the fact that December is CRAZY. Like, legit crazy. Not just busy crazy, either. So I really don't know how faithful I'll be to this thing. Unless I really set my mind to it. REALLY set my mind to it, that is. Okay, I'll stop repeating myself.
In all seriousness, I do have some good ideas in regards to these possible future posts, (More polyvore, anyone?) and at the moment I really am leaning towards it. Stay tuned.
Megs ♥

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