Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 1

Today, when I woke up, it was snowing. The snow was beautiful, a welcome sight for the first of December. In fact, it was perfect. Snowfall on the first day of the Christmas season. (Or, at least, the period of time that I consider "the Christmas season")

As I marveled at the snow that was still falling earlier this afternoon, I couldn't help but wondering if I would be so fascinated by it if I had been standing there in say, March. By then, I realized, I (and everyone else here) would be sick of what we would probably refer to as "the white stuff". So, my thoughts continued, why is it that I'm so happy the snow is here now. Was it the possibility of a snow day around the corner? Maybe, but not really. Was it the gratefulness that winter was here at last? Definitely a no. I don't really like winter, actually. It's 4th out of the 4 seasons for me.

So what was it? My conclusion is this: it's's the Christmas season. Now, this may not be true for where you live, (The following statement, not the previous one) but where I am, Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas to a lot of people if we don't have a blanket of snow covering everything.
In addition to that, I had to ask another question: Why is it that, during this time of year, we seem to notice the small things more? The little blesssings, the normally unheard of acts of kindness...the small things. The things that, perhaps, we should notice all the time.

For instance, would I have considered the beautiful snowfall a small blessing from God, showing the beauty he can create...and in fact creates everyday...had today been a day in March? My answer, unfortunately, is probably not...for various reasons.

Another personal experience: I notice that, during this time of year, through all of the busy-ness, I seem to find God in many more things than normal. I get chills from things like our Holiday Collage Concert...think to myself, 'Wow, God has given our students such wonderful talent!'. Why don't I notice these things more year- round? I believe it's the season, the happy feeling in the air, the things that are going on all around me, that brings me closer, helps me to see.

My prayer for the rest of the year, and the years to come, is that we can notice the small things all the time, that we can see God's amazing power all the time. He blesses us in so many ways that we don't even think twice about. The smile from the starnger as they pass you on the street, the hug you've come to expect from your best friend.
I'm not saying we should go around shouting "PRAISE DA LORD!" everytime someone smiles at us.
I'm just saying that we should be thankful for the small things...not just the big ones.

Until tomorrow,
Megs ♥

P.S. Picture taken by me, edited with Picnik. :)  

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