Friday, December 3, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 3

Did you have things you always did around Christmastime when you were little? I sure did. Of course, there was always picking out stuff to put on wishlists and (sort of) helping Mom or Dad pick out gifts for other family members. There was also the whole "I got this for you for Christmas!" thing with friends, even though you used your parents money anyway. :)

Another thing that Josh and I did for a couple of years was go online and listen to Larry the Cucumber's Christmas Countdown. I have no idea how this tradition started, but I can remember a day when the thing that Larry said was so funny, Josh and I sat at the computer and laughed forever. (We couldn't even explain what was so funny to our parents, we were laughing so hard.)
Nowadays, our traditions are a bit different. The wishlists grow shorter each year, we actually help pick out gifts, and we even spend our own money on Christmas gifts for friends! (Well, some of us do ;) )
Okay, yes...
I still listen to Larry's Christmas Countdown...
for old times' sake :)

So what traditions do you guys have around this time of year? Are they funny? Weird? Random?
I'd love to know :)

Megs ♥

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