Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 9

I'm sure there is a memory of a Christmas present in your mind that just sticks...maybe because you were (are) convinced that it was the best present EVER, or it was something just plain stupid, random, funny, etc.
For me, there are three stories that come to mind when I think of Christmas presents past. I'll share two of them with you today, but the best one I'm saving for tomorrow, so ha. :)
Okay, here we go:

How I Ruined Josh's Present

(This might have been a birthday thing, but we're going to say it was Christmas, okay?)
Josh went through a huge Spiderman phase a few years ago. He had a poster in his room, action figures of Spiderman and the Green Goblin, even the lunchbox. Oh yeah, he was a superfan. One of the presents he got for Christmas that year was a sort of car thing that came with a Green Goblin action figure. Now, mind you, he already had a Green Goblin action figure, and it was the one I always had to play because I was always the bad guy. The action figure I played with had a cool mask thing that came off and exposed the dude's head, right? It was pretty sweet for me...especially since Spiderman's mask couldn't do that. Anyway, so he asked me to get the figure out of the box. I took the scissors and did so. Before I handed him the action figure, I decided to see if the heads underneath the masks looked the same. I tried to get the new figure's mask off. It was stuck. So I figured that was the case only because it was a new toy and it hadn't had it's mask properly tampered with yet.
So I tugged a little harder and...Pop!
His head came off.
And Josh, unfortunately, looked over to see his brand new action figure's head in the palm of my hand.

(It did all work out in the end...super glue is a beautiful thing, haha)

How Josh Got Me Back

(Okay, so this wasn't really a revenge attempt...but it made for a good title and joke. :) )
When I was about six or seven, I really really really really wanted this Barbie house. Only it wasn't just any Barbie house. It was inflatable. Oh yeah. It had a deck with a pool, a beach, a palm tree, pool toys, a little island with stools (kitchen island, not beach island) as well as a two story house thing. It. Was. Awesome.
You have no idea how excited I was when I got just that for Christmas. I was elated. OMG.
Oh look, I found a picture!

Oh yeah.

Anyway, I played with this thing and my Barbies every single freaking day for about a month. Little did I know, Josh thought it was a comfortable chair that he could sit on, and had been randomly sitting on it that whole time. One day I caught him...but it was too late. I could already hear the air rushing out of it. And, sadly, duct tape just didn't cut it for very long.
In short, my glorious present was ruined in less than 6 months.
I don't know who was more depressed, me or the Barbies. ;)

Next story tomorrow :)

Megs ♥

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