Friday, December 10, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 10

As promised, the last (maybe ;) ) of the presents stories.

Chill Out

When I was very little, and still obsessed with Barbies, there was a Christmas that I recieved a Barbie Karaoke machine. It came with three tapes to play in it, (Yes, tapes. Don't even tell me you don't know what they are, I feel old already.) as well as a microphone and a headset to plug into it. I was in heaven. Now I could sing all I wanted to my favorite tape-recorded songs...and even record some myself! As we were at my grandparents' house when I got it, I set it in the spare bedroom downstairs for safe-keeping, and went to play with my other toys. The adults headed upstairs to talk and eat more food. I think it was just Josh and I left in the basement.  
As I sat in the spare room on the bed on the floor that had been made up for the two of us, I played with my new toys. (Probably more Barbies) Josh, however, decided that he was going to try out my new karaoke machine. He somehow figured out how to plug the microphone in, and I had conviniently left the volume on high. All of a sudden, he started singing.
Chill out,
take a time-out.
Or my mom's
gonna freak out.
By this time, I had, horrified, slunk to the back of the room and hidden behind the bed, and a crowd of adults had gathered on the staircase , listening to my brother sing his little song over and over again in his barely-four-year-old voice. He didn't know it, however, because the adults had cleverly placed themselves on stairs that Josh couldn't see.
Finally, as he finished, the adults clapped and cheered and laughed. I, on the other hand, stomped over and yanked my precious microphone out of my little brother's hands. (I was a pretty mean big sister ;) )
I don't think either of us will ever live this story down. Haha.
We still sing this song occasionally nowadays, with slight variations. It's funny...most of the time :) 
I have very interesting Christmas stories, no? :) 
Megs ♥ 

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