Monday, February 21, 2011

I Have Returned!

I'd like to start out by briefly apologizing for my absence from my blog. I have no excuses, other than I just haven't felt like blogging very often lately, and when I have, I've been too busy to do so.
After looking at the main page and seeing that I posted only three times last month, (and this one's almost over...gah!) I decided I should catch y'all up. Plus, I want to share some stuff from my incredible weekend! Yays!
Anyway, I don;t think there's anything major to catch up on...but...
-I decided, for various reasons, not to try out for the musical this year.
-Pre-festival concert for ACap is in two weeks...ahhh!
-I went to SpringHill last month, before my birthday, and had an awesome time. (I'll have to blog about SH sometime...)
- I now have a computer in my room with Google Chrome and I love it :)
-We got a treadmill that has really cool bells and whistles. :)
- I did indeed survive Snowpocalypse...the first one, anyway. ;)
- I didn't go to our school's Sadie Hawkins Dance. (Again, for various reasons.)
- Valentine's Day is boring and pointless.
- I got crazy amazing results on my PLAN test!
- I ♥ Drama Class
-Semester Finals went well.
-I love my Nook Color. Love Love Love.
- Super Bowl + My youth group = YES.

Okay, now that that's taken care of, let  me move on to this weekend...
This weekend, I attended a Chrysalis Flight.
Now, since it is basically impossible for me to explain what a Chrysalis Flight is...we'll say it's like church camp...but not really.
Those of you that have attended a Chrysalis Flight or an Emmaus Walk, please read on.
Those that plan to attend one should NOT read on, because it'll ruin the suprises and utterly confuse you.
Those who do not plan on attending one will also be confused, and should probably not read on.
To those who are not reading on, goodbye! I love you!
Megs ♥

Okay, here we go.

(To the stubborn ones that read on and shouldn't have, shame on you. I warned you.)

Hello, my name is Megan, I attended Flight 50 and sat at the table of MMRJA.
MMRJA = Making Memories and Rejoicing in Jesus Abundantly. The letters are the first initials of everyone at my table.
As I told everyone at the closing yesterday, words can not describe this weekend. I am grateful that I went, and grateful for everyone who was there.  I received so much agape this weekend. Not just through the little agape gifts left for me at meals, on my notebook, and on my bed, but also through the many agape letters and gifts I received. It was so wonderful to feel so loved by so many people. Not to mention, the abundance of God's love that I experienced.
I learned so much these past three days. I made so many friends, discovered new mentors, and ultimately found more than I was looking for. I missed everyone as soon as I got home last night. I love them all. You see, 60 strangers turning into a family is a miracle in itself, but the things that happened beyond that...whoa.
So to those of you that prayed, participated, anticipated, helped, spoke, contributed, etc. Thank you. I cannot stress how thankful I am for all of you. I cried so much yesterday because of the overwhelming sensation of being loved...being agaped.
Beyond these words, I cannot begin to tell you about this weekend.You'd be reading forever.
So, I shall sign off, and thank you once again.
Megs ♥

P.S. if you have any questions, please feel free to comment and ask them :)

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