Tuesday, May 10, 2011

29 Gifts: Day 10

Today's gift was a bit unusual. I had my nook with me in math class today, and was reading after my homework was done. The guy who sits next to me, who is a friend but not a close one, (I have a lot of friends, haha :) ) asked if he could see it. (My nook, that is) I told him sure, and asked him if he wanted to draw, as I have a drawing app on it. He was like "YESS!!" So I showed him the app and he started drawing. When I got my nook back, my background was set to a drawing of a firetruck. (Long story, haha ) I laughed and my friend said I didn't have to keep it, but I told him I would. He grinned, and said something along the lines of "Really? That just made my day!" So yeah. Who knew simply allowing someone to draw on my nook would lead to today's gift? :)
حتى يوم غد
(That's Arabic for "until tomorrow", and no, I do not have any reason for doing this other than I felt like it, so there :D)
Megs ♥

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