Saturday, April 7, 2012


Tomorrow, my dad is preaching a sermon, as he says, "about emptiness".
He responded with that answer when I asked him why he had set his kisii stone sculpture out on the alter.
We got this for him for his birthday a couple years ago. (From Ten Thousand can check it out here.)

After I gave him a slightly confused look, (sculpture...empty...connection not made...) Dad went on:
"In any sculpture, the empty space is just as meaningful as the carving. If all you look at is the physical part of it, you're missing half the story."
Now, I have no idea if he's using that particular insight in his sermon tomorrow, but it got me thinking.
Emptiness is not insignificant.

The description of this particular sculpture on the website says that the people are dancing.
Until I read that tonight, I wasn't so sure what they were doing. Just that they were intertwined.
But...whether they're dancing or not, I had to wonder now what is there in that empty space....what is the emptiness saying?
Perhaps the space inside is the love of those people, guarded safely within their arms.
Perhaps it is somehting driving them apart, and they are holding on to each other.
From this angle, the empty space kind of looks like a flame...maybe the fire of their dance?
What am I missing here?
Or am I missing anything?
But I digress.

This isn't the first time emptiness has been significant.

Okay, so it's not "empty" in the most literal sense of the word...but could you imagine the uproar this emptiness made?
It's a miracle.
A miracle in the empty.

Maybe that's why the people in the kisii sculpture are dancing...or what they are dancing around.
A miracle in the empty.

Maybe that's what I'm trying to say with all this...we can't just ignore the empty.
That would mean we're missing part of the story.

He is risen indeed, friends...hallelujah!

Have a Blessed Easter...and may we begin to look for the significance in the empty spaces and empty times.

Megs ♥

P.S. Sorry if I just paraphrased your sermon, Daddy. ;)

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