Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Driving is Much Harder Than Riding a Bike, Part 8

I got to drive on the highway again today, and I must say I'm getting better. :)
Shall I go so far as to say I did the BEST out of all three drivers in our car...?
Why yes, yes I will.
I did the best. So there. ;)
Haha. :)
But anyway, I'm getting a lot better behind the wheel. You won't have to say off the road for much longer. ;)
I am, however, extremely sick of the classroom portion. (Who am I kidding, I was sick of that after the very first hour. :P) There's wayyy to much "STOP WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE FLASHING OR THE TRAIN WILL KILL YOU!!!" (I was very hopeful today...Mr. E didn't mention trains until we were halfway through class!!) and WAY too many videos from the 80s. Not that the 80s were bad. At all. I'm just saying, enough with the poofy-haired ladies telling me to slow down on curves, okay? Okay.
Now, if only that song would get out of my head...
Megs ♥

Past the point of no return...the final threshold...
*hums the rest of the song*

1 comment:

Jasmine said...

Hey, that is a great song. :)
And very good job driving on the highway, I'm sure you actually WERE the best. It's just how you are. Lol