Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Driving is...well, you get it. Part 9.

Today was my range day. I was in a car with Madison, (a very first all-girl car for me! Yay!) which of course mad it extremely fun today. After Madi perfected her  backwards figure 8, we literally squealed in excitement (and did the same thing when I aced it) Apparently, Mr. Kelly heard us. Lol. He didn't yell at us, though, so it's all good :)
Tomorrow is my last day of classroom! YEAH! (Well, I still have to take the written part of the test on tuesday, but still!!) I'm excited. My permit is so close I can taste it! (Not literally, that would be weird.)
Alright, enough of this boring driver's ed chronicling. I'm gonna put up a real post later. :)

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