Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Epic Excitedness!!!!! :D

There is rarely ever a time when I am this explosively happy inside.
Don't get me wrong, I'm an incredibly happy person. Seriously.
But today, I am happier, as the quote goes, than a bird with a french fry. Lol.
Why, you ask, am I so happy?
I finished typing mine and Shelby's latest story.
It's done.
Of course, there will be review and revision to do, but still.
It's done!!!!!!
And, after texting and emailing Shelby, posting my excitedness on Facebook, and writing about it on here, I'm sure people are already getting sick of my extreme happiness.
If you've read the previous two stories in the series, and want to read Three Strikes, Let me know.
Oh, and if you want to read either of the first two as well, let me know.
I'm gonna go do my happy dance now.
Well, as best I can with my ankle, that is.
Oh, and Happy June!!
Megs ♥

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