Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creating a Musical: Day 2 (Or, Today was even more crazy than yeasterday!)

I thought yesterday was exausting.
Because today is a voting day, our fellowship hall (which serves as 2 voting precincts) was full of voting booths and people. So we couldn't use it for lunch or snack times. And we weren't supposed to use the front stairs, which meant we had to go a roundabout way to get anywhere. Oy. Vey.

I'm exausted right now.
During one of our large group times, we ran through two of the songs (the ones that have motions that I set to them). Normally, this would've been fine with the kids. However, our director was a little late getting back, so we rand through them several times, much to their dismay. ("We know them, Miss Megan, so can we go have snack now?")

As I've said before, though: it's totally worth it.

Quotes from the Kids:
"I drew this for you, Miss Megan!"
"Can I come and help yopu do the motions?"
Me: "I need..." *Thirty hands go up* "You don't even know what I need yet!" :D
"Can I sit with you?"
"She's my buddy"
"I saw you up there! You were really good! But I don't want to do any more songs right now. My arms are tired."

That's really all I want to type right now.
Hasta manana,
Megs ♥

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