Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Livin' Like Jesus: Day 2

We had more kids show up today, including some kids from one of my favourite families :) It went just as smoothly as yesterday, and, as I was actually rested today, it was even more fun!
I always volunteer to do music because I think it's the most fun. I get to see the kids at the beginning and end of the day, plus I get to go to whatever station I want whenever I want to in between. Plus, I love being able to add motions to songs and dance around the kids without a care in the world. I also kind of have a fan club, haha. A few of the kids love to come up on the step in front of the stage and do motions with me and Marli. And in addition to all that, I get the opportunity to know quite a few of the kids. I already know the ones who attend our church, but really, about 70% of our kids are from the community and don't attend or church regularly. There are a few families of kids, though, that attend our VBS every year. So, I have quite a few kids that I can say 'hey, glad to see you this year!' to when I see them walk in the first day.
In other news, I have my clinger of the year. Haha. There's always one kid (usually a girl) in the Pre-K/K group that comes and hugs me and won;t let me go anywhere else unless I sneak out of her sight. This year, it's a little girl named Kaitlyn. Today, she made sure I sat by her when I came to visit her group in crafts, and when we were done,  carried her out to games. she's sooo adorable! ((Not playing favourites, promise ;) ))
Well, since Kelsey's gone with my mom at her new friend Taylor's house (Taylor is one of the girls I babysit from time to time, along with her younger sister Tara), I'm gonna go chill for awhile.
See ya tomorrow!!
(Well, I won't SEE you, per se, but you know what I mean ;) )
Megs ♥

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