Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Post That's a Bit Overdue

I may or may not have mentioned it before my last post, but I have been raising money for the mission trip I went on with my youth group for some time now. We had a pancake breakfast, a SuperBowl sub sale, and many other things, and we ended up raising (Along with the rest of the congreagation) over $5000!! Praise God! :D
The mission was rebuilding homes in the area. My group did roofing, and we got to do 2 roofs out of the 5 that the mission had chosen. (The other roofs and projects were being done by other groups.) Our homeowners were both wonderful, and we all had fun. We also got VERY dirty, lol.
Evenings were spent playing games, worshipping, and spending time with each other. I bonded with most if not all of my youth group members...but then again, I loved them all to begin with! :)
Anyway, we had our ups and our downs, but the week was an overall success! I have so many stories, but they would take forever to type here, so we'll save them for antoher time.
I got to attend the service at the church we stayed at the following Sunday, and most of the homeowners stood up and thanked us profusely. Most even said they'd be willing to help next year! I can't wait for that :) Anyway, the service was powerful. It's amazing what God can do through us.
Mission Accomplished.

Megs ♥

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