Friday, July 22, 2011

My Christmas in July...and Other Stuff That's Been Going On.

Greetings, faithful readers! (And you not-so-faithful ones, too :) )
My family and I returned from our vacation this past Monday, and I've since plunged into work for VBS, catching up on sleep, and staying out of this crazy heat wave here in the midwest. (Believe me, it's not easy, even with AC. I think we hit 103 yesterday. :P)

Anyway, I've also been making up birthday presents for people (This girl, among others, who happens to be halfway across the world at the moment.) and trying to keep up with friends. I find I'm missing a lot of people this summer. :(

On the bright side, Vacation Bible School is next week!! :D We're not going to create a musical this year, so we're reverting back to a more tradtional, 9-noon thing. If you're in the area, you can find registration forms on our church website.

I'm in charge of music once again this year, and we've got 5 songs. 3 I had to put motions to myself, but thankfully I did the same thing last year and had a lot of fun with it. One of my good friends is helping me do motions with the kids during the week, too :)

I found last night as I was attempting to sleep that I was REALLY excited. More excited than usual. It may be because my little cousin (Whom you may remember from this picture and this post) is staying with us for the week to come to VBS! Or it could be because I got to paint part of the set. Or maybe because a couple new friends agreed to volunteer and I get to see them. I don't know for sure, but the thought crossed my mind that I am more excited for those four days than I have been for Christmas the past two years.

So, VBS=My Christmas in July.
Spreading the good news to a younger generation is exciting, and the fun they have is almost as much as we do. :D I can't wait to fill you in each day next week!
Unitl then (And possibly sooner),
Megs ♥

P.S. a few readers I've talked with have asked me how to reply to posts. There's a button right down there
that says '(number) comments' if you click on that, a  window should pop up with a box allowing you to type your comment. If that doesn't work, and you're facebook friends with me or something, let me know.
happy commenting! :)
Megs ♥

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