Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh, How Time Flies.

Dearest Readers,
I am about to tell you a story. It's going to take forever for me to type (Considering I made 7 typos trying to put those two sentences in) and I hope that the length of this post will make up for my long absence. (If you don't want to read all this, skip to the bottom of the post.)
I've been wanting to get on here for almost two weeks, but, as you are about to find out, between my busy-ness and slight procrastination problem, I haven't really gotten to.
My summer after VBS was not incredibly busy. I worked a couple nights when my boss needed me, I watched A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, I went on day trips with my family, I spent some time with friends, I went to a BBQ. In all of that, I really had nothing to write about. Or, at least, nothing thought provoking or that I remembered.
So, I told myself I was going to blog on September 6th, the first day of my junior year. That didn't happen, because by the time I had gotten through telling the story of my first day ten times, the thought of typing it down to tell it again lacked luster. I decided Wednesday would be more appropriate.
Wednesday, I had a bunch of notes to be signed and other homework to complete. After that was done, I was just plumb tired. I am not a fan of going 'back to the grind' and waking up at 5 am was not agreeing with me.
Thursday, my friend Amy came over to work on her powerpoint slide for A Cappella. (She doesn't have PPT at her house) Long story short, she stayed for dinner and went to Zumba with me. My blog went untouched again.
Friday, I came home from school, did my homework, went back to school, and auditioned for Beta Chi Theta (An all-girls extra-curricular choir) and Madrigals (The same, but boys and girls) Directly from here, I was picked up and taken out of town fro dinner and dessert. (With my family, guys. My love life is nonexistent at the moment.)
sometime during the week, I typed up an email to send to my family about the trip to New York City I'm going on with various members of ACap and Orchestra, and would they please take a look at my online fundraiser? After typing that, there was on way I was going to blog.
Saturday, we headed to the Rennisance Festival. And then I procrastinated.
Sunday was my first week back at sunday school. I went there, went to service, came home, ate, and eventually went back to church for youth group.
Monday, I found out I made Beta AND Madrigals (!!!! :D :D !!!!) and stayed after for Beta. I was too excited to do anything, and also had homework again. Oh, and mom's small group started up.
Tuesday was picture day. That was pretty much it.
Wednesday was Madrigals after school and an essay was to be typed.
Thursday I went to float building and Zumba.
Friday I started reading The Help (WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO READ RIGHT NOWWW.) and it was my daddy's birthday.
Saturday I went dress shopping (and got this and another dress) and then worked soundboard at church for a wedding. After that we went out for sushi and then got ice cream. (THIS is my new favorite flavor....)
Yesterday I went to both services to fundraise and went to sunday school and then read more of The Help and then went to youth group. In apology for that run-on sentence, here's a video.
ALL of that is just to tell you I'm really sorry.
In Summary:
-I procrastinate sometimes
-I really don't like typing this mcuh
-I made Beta and Madrigals
-I'm going to NEW FREAKING YORK in April
-I sort of have a job
-Junior year is great thus far
-I love you people.

That's all I got right now.  More later, perhaps.
This is Scrambled Megs, signing off.
(I'm seriously sorry it took me this long...)
Megs ♥

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