Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So I'm At School Right Now...

Hey There!
So, for some reason, my blog is no longer blocked at school...
Yay! Scrambled Megs is appropriate for school!
Anywho, I'm sitting in Video Production waiting for my video to export, so I thought I would say hi.
Also, I have to brag that this is a pretty fantastic class, especially since my lovely teacher didn't mind me blogging right now :) (Thanks! I promise to start bringing my pictures tomorrow! :) )

It's also spirit week here. So far, Juniors lost the Powder Puff game last night (Boo...) and today everyone is dressed like mega nerds :)
except me, because I'm lame. Tomorrow is Neon Day though, so I've got that one covered :)

Okay, my video is finally done exporting. I'm gonna go make sure everything worked well, so Adios for now!
Megs <3

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